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At Tresart, we help our clients find the right artwork for their collections, as well as sell with confidence. Partnering with Tresart provides access to extensive market analysis and a vast international network of art professionals.


As secondary market experts, Tresart is uniquely positioned to help collectors acquire significant works of art from established international artists.  With our insider knowledge of the art market and expert analysis as a guide, we help our clients identify smart ways to grow their collections, locate artworks, and represent them in the acquisition process with other dealers, artists, and auction houses.  


When selling artwork, our clients rely on our expert analysis to assess current market values and identify the most convenient venues for disposition, including private sale, consignment, domestic, or international auction.  We act as a single point of contact in the sale process, supplying comparable sales, and negotiating terms on behalf of our clients. 

For the benefit of everyone involved, we commit to proper disclosure and transparency by informing our clients when recommendations are sourced from within our inventory or when an artwork they want to sell is of interest for our inventory.

Additional Services.

We are happy to support all aspects of art handling for our clients, facilitating services including shipping, import and export, installation, archival framing, and storage. 

If you are interested in acquiring, researching, locating specific artworks, or assessing the value of existing works, contact us at