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Jordy Kerwick

Melbourne, Australia, 1982


Jordy Kerwick (Australian, b. 1982) a France-based visual artist, is a rising star that has quickly found himself at the center of international success. In the last couple of years alone, Kerwick’s work has shown in Cologne, Copenhagen, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and, Sydney, Tokyo, undoubtedly captivating the attention of art dealers, collectors, and curators worldwide. Kerwick’s raw, thickly impastoed works navigate the space between still life, abstraction, and landscape with intuitive ease. While staying truthful to domestic themes, his canvases are populated by symbolic tigers, cobras, and unicorns; the female figure is an essential subject; and strategically placed books allude to  literary, artistic, and even music references. Known for his colorful, eclectic paintings, Kerwick’s practice embraces many different materials, including enamel, acrylic, oil, house paint, airbrush, graphite, and charcoal. Combining a vivid palette with bold and powerful strokes, his expressive and unapologetic creations encapsulate a deep understanding of color, construction, and composition, undoubtedly inspired by the Modernist masters. In 2022, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) presented the exhibition “Artists Inspired By Music: Interscope Reimagined,” that paired paintings by established artists with songs or albums from Interscope Records. Jordy Kerwick participated with his painting Bloody Valentine (2021), reimagining the song “Bloody Valentine” from the Machine Gun Kelly album Tickets to My Downfall (2020). Furthermore, Kerwick’s work has also been offered at auction multiple times, reaching remarkably favorable results.

Jordy Kerwick’s I’ll Come Back Again Install shot courtesy of the artist.
Profile photo Courtesy of Delphian Gallery.