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Roberto Matta

Santiago de Chile, Chile 1911 - 2002


Roberto Matta (Chilean, 1911–2002) stands as a visionary force in the world of 20th-century art, celebrated for his significant contributions to Surrealism. Born in Santiago, Chile, Matta’s artistic journey took him across continents, influencing the course of modern art.

A painter and sculptor, Matta’s works are renowned for their dynamic exploration of the subconscious. His canvases often feature intricate, fantastical landscapes populated by mysterious entities, reflecting his profound engagement with Surrealist principles. Matta’s imaginative compositions, characterized by fluid forms and vibrant colors, create a visual language that transcends conventional boundaries.

Having initially trained as an architect, Matta’s unique approach to art reflects a convergence of disciplines, merging the structured with the subconscious. His involvement with the Surrealist movement and collaboration with artists like Salvador Dalí and André Breton further solidified his position as a key figure in the avant-garde.

Matta’s impact extends beyond the canvas; he influenced the fields of architecture, literature, and film. His works are held in prestigious collections globally, including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York and the Tate Modern in London.

As a luminary of Surrealism, Roberto Matta’s legacy continues to captivate audiences, inviting them into the enigmatic worlds he crafted with his brush. His ability to articulate the complexities of the mind and spirit through art positions him as a trailblazer in the ongoing evolution of 20th-century artistic expression.

Art photo courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art
Profile photo by Roberto Matta, courtesy of The Art Story