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Three Tips for Navigating the Art Market

Miami— October 13, 2022 —We regularly host meetings with artists, art collectors, and art professionals. Most recently, the conversations have focused on the changing art market, and how we maneuver through the market’s constant flux. On this News Post, we would like to share with you three tips for navigating the art market.

1. Focus on what matters – In 20-plus years of experience, we have seen profound changes in the art market, and something we are certain of is that the world will continue to change. Our approach to change is to remain nimble in order to adapt quickly.  In 2019, Tresart moved away from the traditional white-cube gallery format and established a private-viewing art loft in Miami’s Wynwood district.  This change has allowed us to refocus our resources and attention.  Since the venues of the art market are scattered globally, it is important for us to survey auctions, art fairs, and exhibitions worldwide to experience artworks in person and search opportunities and pieces for our clients.  Additionally, our space is designed for experiencing art, nourishing relationships, and exchanging ideas with our clients in an intimate setting.  In Tresart’s art loft, we host private dinners and small gatherings with clients and peers, enabling more profound conversations and personal attention.

2. Embrace technology – Part of the art market’s response to the COVID-19 lockdowns was the proliferation of online viewing rooms and digital exhibitions. Even though the physical experience of an artwork cannot be replaced, technology has undoubtedly narrowed the distances in a global market. Online tools have become key for research and discovery. In that sense, to better adapt to this digital boom, we strengthened Tresart’s digital presence with an active website and participation in platforms such as Artsy and Artnet, as well as grew our social media presence.

3. Follow the market – An important change of the last two decades is the development of a solid contemporary art market that is continuously expanding and giving a platform to new and exciting voices. Having started with a focus on modern masters, over the last few years we have broadened our research and inventory to include contemporary artists in order to offer our clients a variety of opportunities. Aside from continuing to follow the market for modern masters, we identify fast-rising contemporary artists that have the potential to continue to grow.

Click here to see the artists in our radar.If you want to learn more about how to navigate the art market, please contact our director, Antonio de la Guardia at


Photo: Antonio de la Guardia at Tresart’s Art Loft