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Our community, a source of inspiration

Miami— October 5, 2020— A year ago, when nobody could imagine what 2020 had in store, we made the decision to move away from the white-cube gallery model and relocate Tresart Gallery to an intimate setting in a loft space to focus on the most important aspect of our business: nurturing client and colleague relationships in a personal way. We evolved our model but remained in Miami’s vibrant Wynwood Arts District and little did we know then what a wonderful decision that would be.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has led urban planners and design experts to rethink the significant role of public space in private lives, the streets of Wynwood and our creative community remain a source of inspiration. Every inch of Wynwood is a work of art. Artists from around the world have sought inspiration in the area’s windowless facades and use them as canvases to showcase their work. This former industrial hub, once home to warehouses and garment factories, is one of the most exciting street art and graffiti meccas in the country and home to some of the best restaurants in Miami.

Today, Wynwood continues to thrive as the city’s epicenter of all things beautiful and expressive. We invite you to visit our dynamic neighborhood, discover inspiring murals, support our local restaurants, and stop by Tresart Gallery for a friendly visit. We are open Monday through Friday 9-5pm and by appointment on weekends. To schedule an appointment click here.

Photo: courtesy of South Florida Business Journal