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Winter Show

Miami— January 4, 2021— TRESART is pleased to present our Winter Show, a celebration of contemporary art today. On view until January 31, 2021, the show brings together a selection of works by the most in-demand contemporary artists working today, from established contemporary figures to fast-rising stars and innovators.

Among the established artists present in the show are Cindy Sherman (b. 1954) and Adriana Varejão (b. 1964), two incredibly influential women in contemporary art. Included in the show: Sherman’s Untitled Film Still (#61), 1979 is part of the trascendental “Untitled Film Stills” (1977-80), a series of 69 photographs of the artist herself enacting female clichés of 20th-century pop culture. The series established the artist’s reputation, and a novel brand of uncanny self-portraiture.

One of Brazil’s most renowned living artists, Adriana Varejão is perhaps best known for her Azulejão or “big tile” paintings, ongoing since 1988. These highly inventive paintings, in plaster and oil paint on canvas, refer to azulejos, painted terracotta tiles whose complex provenance connects Brazil with Portugal through trade and colonization. The cracks present in Monocromo, 2018 intend to map the passage of time and contribute to Varejao’s incisive reflections on the multi-faceted nature of Brazilian history, memory, and culture.

Fast-rising contemporary Surrealist Nicolas Party’s (b.1980) whimsical piece Dinner for 24 animals (Tiger), 2016 is a wonderful example of Party’s imaginative aesthetic and fantastical vision. The sculpture, which doubles as a stool, is part of a series that the artist devoted to different animals, exploring the unique visual language that has become his signature, in which colorful characters are represented in imaginative ways that challenge our perception of reality.

An innovative artist pushing the limits of art and technology, Claudio Castillo (b. 1958) explores digital technologies to create time-based works that are in constant evolution. Castillo programs his works to generate representations of a reality in perpetual change, a wonderful representation of the digital world we have today and the possibilities the future brings.

Email us to schedule a visit Tresart’s Winter Show On view until January 31, 2021 Artists Included: Katherine Bernhardt, Claudio Castillo, Eddie Martinez, Nicolas Party, Cindy Sherman, Josh Smith, Mickalene Thomas, Adriana Varejão, and Jonas Wood.

Photo: Details ofToucan Green/Orange, 2016, by Katherine Bernhardt